Mint Commemorative Program Fading into Obscurity

I have no other way to put this  – the 2016 National Parks Service Commemorative is one of the worst issues ever designed. What it confirms is a fundamentally flawed approach to commemoratives that threatens these products’ place in the hobby at large.

Truman Sets Coming Back to Earth

Fear not, legitimate collector, the Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles sets are starting to come back to earth. Coveted for the first-ever reverse proof Presidential Dollar and tiny mintage (just 17,000 sets), these escaped those who weren’t deadly serious about hitting the Mint website at exactly noon. Issued at just $61.95 all inclusive of shipping… Read More »

Has the 2012 Silver Proof Set Peaked?

Those of you that collect silver proof sets like myself may have been caught by the price increase in the 2012 sets. Not having paid much attention to these, I was floored to see sets pushing well over $200.00* on eBay. I didn’t think anything very remarkable about them off the top of my head, but… Read More »

Is PC Crypto Mining a Two-Bit Operation?

Over the holidays I built myself a new PC. It’s a impressive machine, featuring a solid AMD FX processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a high-end AMD graphics card with great compute characteristics. I went with AMD because they’ve historically been a better graphical bang-for-your-buck than their primary competitors in that space, giving my new PC a… Read More »